Hints on How to Create a Strong Introduction for an Essay on Technologies

Writing an essay on technology, or in any other kind of technical field, can be a trick thing for students who don’t know how to articulate usually complicated information to a reader that might not be as informed on the subject or topic. Writing is an essential skill, however, that crosses all disciplines so it’s essential one learns how to compose effective papers. This article will focus on creating strong introductions for essays on technology. Here are the best hints provided by academic experts:

  1. Keep your first sentence short.

Short statements are a great way to deliver messages with impact, and your first sentence is a great place to employ this technique. Short sentences are easy to understand and punchy, which are both features of a great hook.

  1. State something memorable.

Speaking about a great hook, you probably already know the importance of grabbing the reader’s attention right from the start. Try something that is truly memorable, perhaps a little unusual. Quotations, questions, and anecdotes work great too.

  1. Don’t repeat the title in the intro.

This is considered to be lazy attempt at creating more filler to reach a minimum word count. You should always assume that the reader hasn’t simply started reading the article without already having read the title. Focus on setting the stage for the rest of the article.

  1. Keep your introduction short.

Don’t fill up your introduction paragraph on technologies with a lot of useless information. Each sentence should serve a purpose and you should get straight to the point. A great method of achieving this is making sure each sentence transitions closer to the thesis statement at the end.

  1. Put in interesting background info.

You can’t assume the reader will immediately understand everything you are talking about, especially when it comes to such a specialized topic as technologies. You should include at least two or three sentences of background information which puts your work into context.

  1. State why your essay is important.

In addition to background information you should state why your paper is important in the field. You may cite limitations of research in your specific topic or a contradiction. Just be sure to show that your paper is valuable to the discipline and that you are adding to the knowledge.

  1. Write a clear and concise thesis.

Lastly, end the introduction with a clear and concise thesis. Stay away from complicated statements. This sentence should state exactly what your position is on the specific topic and let the reader know exactly what to expect in terms of discussion points and supporting evidence.