Creating a Winning Narrative Essay Introduction in 5 Simple Steps

An essay introduction is a very important part. If you want your paper to be a success, you need to give the introduction a lot of attention as it’s the means that helps your audience develop the first and most important impression on the text. Let’s see how a smart and strong intro to your project can be written.

How to Compose a Winning Essay Introduction

  1. Compose a draft.
    Though many students think that the time they spend on drafts is simply wasted, drafts are extremely important. It’s strongly recommended to compose drafts of every part of your paper in order to see what needs correction and which paragraphs should be replaced.
  2. Let your thoughts flow.
    Though the introduction is supposed to be quite short and laconic, don’t limit your mind. Put down everything that seems to be suitable to you and stop only when you feel that you have nothing more to say. Discover all the goals of your paper, the meaning and importance of the research, and the result you are expecting. Though in a narrative paper all these details are rather vague, your reader needs to know what for all this has been written. In one of the next steps, all this information will be reduced.
  3. Read the draft aloud.
    After you have composed the introduction, let it have rest for a while and switch over to other subjects and occupations or simply have a pause. Then return to your draft with a fresh mind and read it aloud, trying to imagine that you are a common reader. You will determine the strongest points and exclude or correct the weakest ones.
  4. Reduce the draft.
    In the process of reading the text aloud, you will discover that certain parts are less important than the others. Remove them or recompose the least important parts in such a way that they sound the most sensible and informative.
  5. Compose a nice thesis statement.
    A thesis statement is a hook that keeps your readers’ attention. It’s a phrase that conveys the idea of the paper in a laconic but informative way. Locate the thesis statement in such a way that it’s not lost in the introduction and make sure that it’s catchy enough.

Give Your Essay Intro a Test Drive

Ask your friend or a family member to read the intro and express their opinion on it. It will help you figure out whether the intro is interesting, attractive, and catchy enough to help your essay win the attention of the audience.