Where do I go to find a good example of a cause and effect essay?

Sometimes when you are writing an essay, you just need a place to start – just a bit of inspiration. One source of this inspiration could be an example piece. You can find these all over the place, and here you will find just a few of these places.

  • Your teacher – First, and most importantly of all, you should ask your teacher if they have an example essay you could see. A lot of the time, teachers will have past works that they have marked highly – they will keep these in case anyone needs to see an example. Usually, they won’t provide you with a paper of the topic you’re studying (as this could lead to plagiarism), but they will provide you with a high-quality work that you could definitely use.


  • Your friends – If you have any friends that have potentially written one of these papers and has had it looked over and marked highly, why not ask to see theirs? With this method, you could also ask them for advice on how to get started or how to structure the piece. Your friends are your best resource when it comes to paper-writing.


  • The internet – If all else fails, you’ve always got the internet. That’s right – it’s always there for you. Without a doubt, if you type in what you’re looking for, you are going to find hundreds of results. The only problem with this method is finding valuable results. You might want to look at website reviews before you immediately jump onto a site and use their works as an example.


  • Textbooks – Although textbooks probably won’t have an example of an entire essay, they may have extracts that will help to guide you through writing your own work. This can be very useful as textbooks are a very reliable source and are targeted towards your specific specification.


With the aid of these resources, you should be able to build up a portfolio of exemplary works and in theory, this should help to guide you. It will show you how you need to structure your work, start it and even end it. If you are seriously worried about writing this piece, you should always contact your teacher or lecturer for further guidance as they may have some specific guidelines that can help you through it.