How To Write A Strong English Essay

While learning how to write English essays can be quite exasperating, this should never be the case for students who know how to write English essay using a few simple steps and understand exactly what needs to be done. With such steps, the writing of essays can even become simple and a fun thing to do.


There are also four major fonts that are used to write English essays because an English essay font can determine what grades you get. Here is a chronological look at how to write English essay and the English essay font to use when writing it.

  1. Research: Always research on the topic you want to write about. This is the basic foundation of any English essay. Researching gives you an authoritative voice in the subject matter.
  2. Analysis: Once you have a satisfactory comprehension of the subject matter, you should carry out an analysis of your essay arguments. Your arguments must be defined in a discernable and logical manner and with proof. You must seek out the weaknesses of the logic behind the essays as well strengths. Knowing how to examine other people’s essay is the best way of learning how to write English essay.
  3. Brainstorming: your essay must have a perspective of your awareness on the subject matter through your own self analysis which comes up with novel perceptivity.
  4. Thesis: You must have a thesis statement which must come from your best idea and must be summed up briefly. The thesis statement gives your reader insight into what your perspective on the subject matter is. A good English essay must always have a good thesis statement.
  5. Introduction: The introduction is very important because with it, you grab the attention of the reader. With the introduction, you draw the reader and get them into the essay argument.
  6. Paragraphs: Paragraphs are very important in essay writing. Every paragraph must be used to outline a specific perspective on the subject matter and must be backed up with evidence.
  7. Conclusion: the conclusion is a brief wrap up of the whole essay writing with one sentence that is either memorable or is a call to action or a logically interesting point.
  8. Fonts: Four fonts are generally used in the writing of essays. Times New Roman, Arial, Courier and Garamond are the fonts. Remember that the English essay font that you use will have an important bearing on your essay’s outcome. The English essay font that you use must always be clear and legible.
  9. Language: It is important to use clear and succinct language while also ensuring that your grammar and punctuation is correct and your sentences are structured and have a smooth flow to them.

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So two things are very important in your essays, firstly learn how to write English essay and second, ensure that you use the correct English essay font.