A List Of Compelling English Essay Questions

For many students English essay questions are challenging. In fact, essay English writing is regarded by many as one of the toughest and dreary assignments. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case always. At studyauedu.com we have come up with tips for helping students tackle English essay questions and also know how to go about essay English writing.


Buy essays now and get a discount. The first step to tackling English essay questions is to know the types of essays to expect in your assignment or examinations. Our team of experts at studyauedu.com researched on the various questions that are common in essay English writing and were able to compile a list of the type of essays used in examining students.

Types of English essay questions

There are many different types of questions but when it comes to essay English writing, these are categorized into eight broad areas.

  • Definition. 
    This is supposed to give a definition of the topic. It will show the history of how the activity, place, thing, event or person in the topic got its name and what other people have said or written on the same. It will also give an explanation of the relevance of the topic in question. For instance the contribution of the person, activity, event to the community and how it has developed to its present stage.
  • Explanatory. This is also called the expository essay and it is similar to the definition essays. However, it offers explanation surrounding an event, circumstance or people. It can be on any subject so long as it gives a clear understanding to the reader of the writer’s perspective on the topic.
  • Descriptive. This is an essay that offers vivid descriptions on the subject being addressed. It can be based on the writer’s senses or imagination. It should arouse the reader’s imagination and enable them envision the subject according to how the writer has described it. It should create a vivid picture in the reader’s mind by being as detailed as possible.
  • Sequence. Sequence essay seek to offer step by step guidance to the reader. They describe processes in a sequential manner. Recipes and many “how to” descriptions fall under this kind of essay.
  • Evaluation. This is supposed to give an analytical assessment of the topic. It is based on facts and results of a certain event, activity, and situation. It gives the reason why something happened based on the turn of events or certain actions. It is more applicable in research.
  • Persuasive or argumentative. The persuasive or argumentative essays are supposed to convince the reader to support a side of the topic based on the writer’s explanations and persuasions. They are normally based on controversial issues in society.
  • Comparison. This is an essay that compares and contrast varying aspects of a topic.
  • Narrative. Based on personal experiences or imagination, narrative essays are stories concocted by the writer. They are supposed to be creative and interesting and can be on any topic.

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Now that you know the various types of English essay questions to expect, you are well equipped to handle your assignments and exam. However, students who still need help in essay English writing can contact our professionals at studyauedu.com for excellent academic services.