English Composition Essays

Anyone who has been through any kind of education system has been required to write English composition essays. English composition essays are mostly written from essay prompts. The English composition essays are mostly written from very simple topics.


For exam purposes, students are normally given several options of English composition essays to write about. Mostly the English composition essays the students choose to write about are things that interest them. Most English composition essays are written on subjects that the students have learnt in school, personal experiences or fiction.

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The academic writing rules have been put in place to ensure that your composition meets universally acceptable academic standards. Here are a few things that will make your composition to be considered of high academic standard:

Excellent grammar, punctuation and spelling

You may have a good idea but if you present this using poor grammar, your essay may not impress your supervisor.  The composition assignment intends to test your writing skills. Your grammar has to be excellent. A lot of reading will help you to develop a keen eye to ensure that you always have good grammar.

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You will need to come up with a good outline to ensure that your ideas are being articulated clearly. Part of what a composition question will be testing how well you can communicate through writing with your audience.