College English Essay Topics

Writing is an art that is valued so much in colleges. A large number of colleges in the world require students to write English essays now and then in their academic career. Thus, perfecting your essay writing art is an impressive achievement as a student. When writing an English essay, the first and most crucial thing is to come up with exceptional college English essay topics. If stuck, visit and get assistance.


Selecting the best college English essay topics is not an easy task. In fact, do not take it lightly. It is wise to research meticulously and come up with the best topics that will appeal to your target audience. Topics for English 101 essays vary. Choose those topics that will satisfy the curiosity of your readers.

Order essays that guarantee you top scores. While choosing the best college English essay topics, ensure that your topics stand out from the rest. However, to get started, keep a few things in mind.

  • The styles of writing– English 101 essays vary in many aspects. You can write your essay in many ways. It can be a reflective, argumentative or persuasive English essay. The writing styles in most cases vary from personal, descriptive, informal to analytical. Thus, find the best and stick to it.
  • Deciding on your topics– If your instructor assigns essay topics, you need to research thoroughly. If you have the freedom to choose your college English essay topics, pick those topics that you feel comfortable and confident tackling. The topics you pick should hide your drawbacks and provide the opportunity to focus on your strength.
  • Make sure you have an excellent thesis. It will make it easy to highlight each aspect of the topics or theme.

Time is crucial when writing English 101 essays. You need to keep time limit in mind. Therefore, choose a topic that is easy to create with enough content, and within the stipulated time. Be careful when it comes to set deadlines.

Handle the essay with an impressive way of expression once you have chosen your topic.

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