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  1. Organization– well-written course works and college papers are logically organized. There needs to be a logical flow of ideas.
  2. Focus – a good coursework or college paper addresses a single and central idea.
  3. Clarity – your reader should never struggle to figure out the meaning the writer wanted to put across.
  4. Ideas -the topic and ideas included in a coursework or college must be relevant. College papers and coursework should address issues affecting a society, and provide practical solutions.
  5. Appropriate language – the choice of words you choose can make or break your assignment. When you are using words that have more than one meaning in different contexts, define the meaning you are referring to. Again, be careful on choice of words based on the category of assignment. For example, you will use different words when you are writing analytical and cause and effect papers.
  6. Style– quality coursework and college papers should be written in third person. Although you are the author of the text, you should distance yourself from it.
  7. Credibility – the credibility of your assignment is only validated by the sources you provide. Remember, your assignment should have facts not opinions. Sources for your assignment should be included at within the text and at the bibliography.

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