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For example, Tips of writing a research proposal

A research proposal lays the foundation of a research assignment. The quality of a research proposal ultimately determines the quality of the project. In fact, if the dissertation committee or professor is not satisfied with the quality of a research proposal, you have to redo it. The following tips should help you write a good proposal:

  • Understand what the assignment requires from you
  • Select your topic wisely
  • Write a strong thesis statement
  • Gather authoritative sources for research
  • Conduct extensive research
  • Use samples to get ideas
  • Clearly state aims and objectives
  • Formulate research questions
  • Make use of an outline to organize your points
  • Embrace discussions with colleagues, your professor and writing experts
  • Start your assignment in good time so you can allocate sufficient time to every activity involved in writing a research proposal.

Note- you should NEVER proceed to write a research paper, or instruct experts to write before your professor or dissertation committee approves the research proposal.

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